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We offer consulting packages for a fixed price to make the costs more manageable for startups. All of our packages include:

  • Clearly defined deliverables before engagement
  • Expert analysis and recommendations from a tech startup veteran with more than 18 years experience
  • Written, detailed analysis and recommendations in plain english
  • Fast turnaround in typically 3 - 5 business days

Don't see what you need? Get in touch and let us come up with a package just for you.

We work with domestic as well as trusted offshore partners to deliver excellent code within your budget.

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Not sure how your developers are doing? Let us take a peek at your code and we'll give you an accurate, unbiased assessment including some actionable recommendations.

Our Technology Assessment Package includes a thorough review of the following critical areas. Click on the link at the bottom to download a sample assessment.

  • The Server and Application Architecture
    • Capacity
    • Scalability
    • Disaster recovery
    • File storage
  • Security
    • Authentication / Sessions
    • SQL Injection Prevention
    • Cross Site Scripting Prevention
    • Cross Site Request Forgery Prevention
    • Clickjacking Defense
    • Form Input Validations
    • PCI Compliance
    • PHP Configuration
    • Web root access
    • File and Directory Permissions
    • Database permissions
    • Firewall settings
  • Performance
    • Performance under load
    • Database query times
    • Use of caching
    • Content Delivery
    • Inefficient or redundant coding
  • Usability
    • Responsiveness
    • Intuitiveness
    • Simplicity
    • Consistency
    • User interaction
  • Project Management
    • Source Control
    • Requirements Documents
    • Project Tracking
  • Intellectual Property
    • Verify licensing
      • Fonts
      • Images
      • JQuery plugins
      • Server side components
      • Other commercial components
    • Check for code reuse

It's difficult to hire a technical person such as a programmer if you are not one yourself

We won't be fooled by technobabble

We'll conduct the interview for you and ask technical questions.

We'll provide a report that details the candidate's:

  • Expertise in specified disciplines (PHP, SQL, etc.)
  • Overall Level (Senior, Junior, Guru)
  • Recommended fit in your organization
  • Level of discipline including ability to work remotely
  • Includes a one to one technical interview over Skype

We'll get your team communicating a working efficiently in an Agile environment

This package includes:

  • Setting up a cloud-based project management system
  • Reviewing tasks and completions
  • Conducting biweekly reviews over virtual meeting tools
  • Troubleshooting problems and recommending solutions

When your application is having issues with performance and scalability, the database is often the culprit

Many web developers don't understand SQL architecture well enough to fix these type of issues

Our database optimization procedures include:

  • Analyzing database queries and rewriting as necessary
  • Optimizing use of database caching
  • Analyzing table structures and applying indexes as appropriate
  • Testing performance under various load conditions

Without the proper architecture your application could be doomed before you launch

The cloud puts highly scalable and load-balanced systems in the reach of lean startups

The Architecture package includes:

  • Designing a multi-server cloud architecture to host your application
  • Recommending or providing code modifications to leverage available cloud products including:
    • Load Balancers
    • File Storage and Media Streaming
    • Multiple Availability Zones
    • Content Delivery Networks
  • Recommending and assisting deployment of caching servers
  • Work with Cloud providers to setup servers

"Sometimes technology needs a translator" - Wayde

Often business requirements don't translate properly to the product resulting in costly rewrites of the code

We're able to simply explain the requirements and document them thoroughly so there is no misunderstanding

Some of the documents we are able to provide are:

  • Technical Requirements
  • Use Cases
  • Testing Plans
  • Investor Pitch Decks
  • Business Plans

Technology Assessment

This is a sample technology assessment for a fictitious company. It typifies what you could expect to receive from us. Note that we score each section from 1 to 10 and provde positive and negative findings and recommendations.

Download the Complete Assessment

Architecture Design

Startups really have an incredible opportunity to equal the playing field by leveraging the cloud. Check out the episode Leveraging the Cloud .

Database Optimization

Most starups today are using MySQL for their database platform for good reason. It's both powerful and free. But if you don't use it properly it won't perform properly.