About Wayde Gilchrist

Our Host and Consultant

Wayde Gilchrist has thrived as a pioneer in e-Commerce and Internet technology.

As the webmaster for McAfee, he created one of the first eCommerce stores on the Internet, McAfeeMall.com, back in 1996. He pioneered early methods of fraud prevention and online marketing and created the first survey-based product ratings site, ConsumerRatings.com, in 1997. In his more than 15 years of web experience, he led development efforts for both large companies, including Frito-Lay, Nortel, and Quizno's, as well as numerous startups, serving as the CTO for GreenJobs Inc, and BeanJar Inc.. For Quizno's he developed an eCommerce platform and franchise management system used by multiple franchisors to manage over 4000 franchise stores and multiple eCommerce sites from a single application. In addition to eCommerce, his projects have covered virtually every area of business management including sales force automation, marketing, training, accounting, finance, project management, engineering automation, technical support, and customer service.

In he most recent role as the CTO for Zindigo he led the development of an eCommerce platform and unique ambassador program that is revolutionizing social commerce for the fashion industry. He developed strategies and solutions for integrating multiple stores from multiple brands with ambassador Facebook pages. He also invented a patent-pending technique for ambassadors to customize their shops by creating a favorites page from their likes.